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Account licensing issues

SCC Accounts have an Office 365 license and e-mail license applied to their account.

Applying to SCC

Applying is easy! We have an open-admission policy, which means if you have a high school diploma or its equivalent, you’re in.


Canvas Support

Information about Canvas support.

Center for Healthy Living Virtual Hospital Support

Assistance with Technology in the Virtual Hospital rooms which can include Mannikins, Touch Pro monitors and Instructors tablets/laptops.

Classroom printer support

Assistance with printing problems in the classrooms and labs.

Classroom technology training

Schedule training for technology used in the classroom.

Colleague Access

Colleague Issue/Problem

Compliance Reporting

Information about accreditation reporting

Computer hardware issues in Classroom

Assistance with computer hardware problems in the classroom.

CRM Recruit Access

CRM Recruit Issue/Problem


Data Visualization

Information about SCC and visual representations of data

DotCMS Access

Request access to dotCMS to edit webpages on the SCC website.


Emergency phones

Emergency phones are located in all elevators, hallways and classrooms of every building. They are also located in the parking lots on campus.

Equipment checkout

The Technology Support department has Windows 10 laptops that can be loaned to students and faculty/staff that do not have a computer at home.

Event Support

Requests for technical support for a SCC event


Faculty and Staff Demographics

Information about common faculty and staff demographic data.

Fax machine

Request service for issues with Fax Machines on campus.


General facilities request

General facilities support.

Grant Data

Information about how to obtain data for grants.


Groundskeeping is responsible for maintaining proper appearance of campus grounds.


Hardware diagnosis and repair for faculty/staff computers

Report an issue or request help with hardware or a device for a faculty/staff office computer.


Housekeeping is responsible for maintaining proper appearance college campus building interiors.


Installing Microsoft Office for free

Faculty/staff and currently enrolled credit students can install Microsoft Office for free.

Instructional Design

Service for faculty to request assistance with course design in Canvas.

Issues with AV Equipment in Classroom

Installed A/V equipment in not functioning properly in a classroom or you have general questions about how to operate the equipment.

Issues with e-mail

All faculty and staff at SCC are provided an Outlook email account through Microsoft's Office 365 service. Use this service to request help with your Outlook email.



Request access to Cisco Jabber or report any issues with the software.


Lecture Capture, Media Creation, and Online Course Meetings

Information about current course media creation options, including lecture capture and virtual class meetings/office hours tools.

LMS Training and professional development

Information about where to find help with instructional technology tools at SCC and online training for those tools.

Lockdown browser

LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment in Canvas.



Maintenance is responsible for a variety of maintenance, modification and repair activities.

Microsoft Teams creation

For requesting the creation of a new group in Microsoft Teams.


Network management

Network management is the method of administering and managing computer networks. Services include fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining quality of service

Network ports/wired access

Activate a deactivated network port or install a new network port

New phone request

Used when a new phone is needed

New Software/Project


Online and Hybrid course review and approval

Information about the SCC Online and Hybrid course review process and current peer reviewers.


Password reset

Resetting your password for your SCC account.

Phishing attempt

Phishing is an identity-theft scam that fake emails and websites to trick people into giving out personal information.

Printer Support

Includes installation of a local or network printer on an SCC computer and basic troubleshooting of printing issues.

Purchasing new computer equipment

Computer and peripheral purchasing.


Remote access

A remote desktop connection allows you to use virtually any computer or device in order to connect to another computer. Once you connect remotely, you get access to all the resources on the computer you’ve connected to. That means you get unrestricted control over the mouse and the keyboard and you can see everything happening on the screen of the computer you’ve connected to.

Remote Lecture Cart Training

Reporting and Analytics

Information about data requests and how to obtain a new report or have one updated.

Request Help

General IT Support or Advice

Research Approval

Information about research approval


Sandbox/Development shell request

Request a custom Canvas course shell to be used as a sandbox or development shell.

Server support

Provides structure and control of the technical operations which involve hardware, software, and networking in both physical and virtual environments. The main goal is to minimize downtime and maintain business productivity.

Shared drive access request

Shared drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device on campus.

Shared e-mail inbox

Request assistance with an existing Office 365 shared mailbox.

SoftDocs Access

SoftDocs Issue/Problem

Software in Classroom

Request software to be installed/updated on a shared machine or in a computer lab

Software install/updates for office computers

Includes troubleshooting of software applications, software installation and software updates on SCC owned devices.

Student Assessment Software, Proctoring, and Tutoring

Information about current student assessment software, online proctoring, and online tutoring services.

Student Demographics

Information about common student demographic data.


Information about SCC and non-SCC surveys




Removal of threats to a computer to return it to a secure state and optimize performance.

Voicemail pin reset

Request a reset for your voicemail pin if you are locked out or do not remember the password.

Voicemail quota

Getting a message about your voicemail nearing full storage and messages need to be deleted.

Voicemail to e-mail

Request to have your voicemails forward to your e-mail to listen from your computer.

VPN access/setup

SCC provides employees with VPN access upon request.


Website and/or Portal issues

Report issues on the mySCC Portal and website.

WiFi Access

Services regarding the WiFi networks at SCC.


Zoom Canvas Support

Zoom is SCC's web-conferencing system that has also been integrated into Canvas.

Zoom Web Conferencing