New Software/Project

College's IT Department must review and approve all requests to purchase software from a third-party vendor.


Step 1: Requester completes Requisition Order Form and process in accordance with Purchasing Department requirements based on estimated cost.


Step 2: Requester completes the request form by clicking the "Request Service" button on the right-hand side. 


Step 3: IT analyst is assigned to the project and works with requester and vendor to complete Feasibility Analysis document. If College data will be sent to the third-party, an NDA is also completed by the IT Department and vendor.


Step 4: IT analyst sends completed Feasibility Analysis document and NDA, if applicable, to Purchasing department to accompany the requisition paperwork.

Request Service


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Fri 12/4/20 10:42 AM
Wed 8/4/21 9:21 AM