WiFi Access

What is it?

This service includes assistance connecting to the WiFi network while on the SCC campus.

Connecting to the SCC Network:

1. From your device Wi-Fi settings, select “SCC"

2. This should prompt you for login credentials, you will login here with your full college e-mail and password.

3. You may be prompted to connect to the network or terminate the connection to accept the security certificate next if you have not done so before, select "Connect" and it should connect you to the SCC Network.

NOTE IF YOU ARE USING A CHROMEBOOK AND/OR MOBILE DEVICE: If using a Chromebook on campus, you need to make sure the EAP method is set to PEAP, the authentication method can be set to default and the CA Certificate is set to "Do not check" or "Do not validate"

Connecting to the SCC Guest Network:

1. From your device Wi-Fi settings, select “SCC-Guest”

2. This should open a web page on your default Internet browser on your device.

3. Click on “register for guest access.”

4. Add your name and e-mail address.

5. You will then be taken to a page showing your username and password for guest access and have an option to “Sign on,” select this to continue.

6. Next you will be prompted to accept the Acceptable Use Policy, once you accept, you should be connected to the Internet.


If you have any issues, please select "Request Service" here, e-mail the service desk at it-servicedesk@stchas.edu or call us at (636) 922-8555 for assistance with your issue.

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