Lecture Capture, Media Creation, and Online Course Meetings

What is it?

Yuja is the lecture capture and media manager used for courses at SCC. It is integrated in Canvas where videos can be embedded on pages, in announcements, in assignments, or in discussions. There is also a course channel that can be enabled if that is preferred. Yuja will auto caption recordings with about 90% accuracy, depending on complexity of terminology, accent, and clarity of audio. Captions can easily be edited to correct any errors. Videos can also be linked, embedded, and edited within Yuja. For training on Yuja, please go to OEL Training: Teaching with Tech. For additional help or one-on-one training, please contact a member of the OEL staff.

Yuja, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams – Online Course Meetings

All three of these tools will allow conferences with users both inside and outside the stchas.edu domain.

Yuja also has the capability to video conference one-on-one with students for online office hours or with a group or class. It is important to refer to the video conferencing walkthrough in the training in OEL Training: Teaching with Tech. This will help explain the features and how to properly set up and manage a video conference. There is also a walkthrough there that you can share with students as well as instructions for using Yuja for student responses to discussions and assignments. Conferences are recorded by default but can be set to not record, and they are captioned after processing. Yuja can be accessed through your Canvas course. You can also access your Yuja media content from stchas.yuja.com.

WebEx is also available to all faculty and staff for video conference meetings. It is not integrated into Canvas, but it is an option for meeting with students one-on-one, in a group, or as a class. Instructions for using WebEx can be found on the Technology Services Home page in the portal. Conferences can be recorded and saved. They can be converted and uploaded to Yuja for captioning after processing. There is also training at stchas.webex.com. Log in with your stchas.edu credentials.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that will integrate into Canvas and provides video conferencing that can be recorded and display live captioning. The recording can be added to Yuja if needed, and it can also be accessed through Microsoft Stream. To have a Team set up, you will need to send an email to ServiceDesk@stchas.edu with the name of the team, the owner’s email, and emails for any members you would like to have added at that time. The owner can also add and remove members once the team is set up. Instructions for using Teams can be found on the Technology Services Home page in the portal. You can also find training for Microsoft Teams on LinkedIn Learning. 

Who can use it?

Faculty can request this service.

Where can I access this service?

Please click the "Request service" on this page or contact the service desk at it-servicedesk@stchas.edu or call (636) 922-8555.

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