Equipment checkout

What is it?

The Technology Support department has Windows 10 laptops that can be loaned to students and faculty/staff that do not have a computer at home.

For Faculty:

Request a checkout from the IT Service Desk by using the "request service" on this page, contact the service desk at or call (636) 922-8555.

For Students:

Before a student can check out SCC IT Equipment, a faculty member must create a ticket with the IT Service Desk approving the student for an equipment loan. You can create one by emailing

When creating the ticket, please include:

  • Student name
  • Student contact information (phone number and email address)
  • The course and section number that they’re in
  • Reason for the student laptop check-out

Make sure the student checks their e-mail or calls the service desk after the request is placed.

Once the approval from the professor is received, the Service Desk will notify the student via e-mail with forms the student will need to fill out and send back to the Service Desk.  The student will need to complete a laptop checkout form, go to the Bookstore site and complete the checkout.  The student will need a credit card to check-out.  A $1.00 fee ($1.08 with tax) will be charged to the student account. When the equipment is returned, the fee will be credited back to the charge account.  In the event a laptop is not returned, a fee will be applied to the student credit card to cover the purchase of the equipment. After the student completes these steps they can contact the Service Desk to arrange a pickup time at the front of the LRC Building.  We want the student to have their student ID and equipment checkout contract signed (if not mailed electronically) ready when they come on campus. IT equipment must be returned when classes continue as normal or by end of the semester.

Who can use it?

Faculty/staff and current students can request IT equipment checkouts.

Where can I access this service?

Please click the "Request service" on this page or contact the service desk at or call (636) 922-8555.

Request Service


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