Remote access

What is it?

When to use remote tools:

  • When you need access to documents or files located on your X: or Y: drive on your campus computer.
  • When you need to access specialty software that is only located on your computer on campus.
  • If you need to access Datatel/Colleague.

When to use your computer normally:

  • When you are just sending out e-mails or using Microsoft Office. All Faculty/Staff have an Office license where they can install the Microsoft Office suite at home. You can find instructions to do this on the IT Service Desk page on the college website listed as “Free Microsoft Office for Students,” these instructions work the same for Faculty/Staff.
  • If you are trying to print a document while remoted in it will print to the printers located on campus.
  • If you are using WebEx, Skype, or YuJa and need to use your webcam and mic. If you are remoted in it will attempt to use the audio devices of your computer on campus instead, so make sure you are not remoting to use the computer you have at home’s webcam and mic.



How to remote in:

  • If you have Windows 10 on your office computer, right-click the start icon in the bottom left corner, and then left-click on System. Next to Device name, take note of the 7-digit computer name. You will need to type this in when you try to connect from home later.
  • If you have Windows 7 on your office computer, left-click the start icon in the bottom left corner, right-click Computer, then left-click Properties. Next to Computer name, take note of the computer name listed. You will need to type this in when you try to connect from home later.


  • If you are using a college provided laptop to work from home, you MUST sign in to the machine while on campus to save a copy of your profile. Otherwise, you will not be able to log into the laptop when you take it home.


How to remote in (Windows Users):

Only Internet Explorer is compatible for remoting in. If you do not have Internet Explorer, you can download it here. (Click Download Internet Explorer 11 (64-bit) and run the installer.)


  1. From Internet Explorer, go to Login with your full college email address and password.


  1. You may be prompted to run the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services add-on. Click Allow.


  1. Click on Connect to a remote PC.


  1. In the Connect to box, type the computer name that you saved earlier, and click the Connect button.


  1. Click the Connect button on the Remote Desktop Connection window that opened.


  1. Log in to the remote computer.

Who can use it?

SCC full time faculty/staff that have been granted remote access and have a PC on campus they can remote into.

Where can I access this service?

Please click the "Request service" on this page or contact the service desk at or call (636) 922-8555.



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