Password reset

What is it?

Your SCC account gives you access to your mySCC Portal, Outlook e-mail and Canvas.

You use your college e-mail as the username for all of the services listed (mySCC Portal, e-mail and Canvas.)  If you are a student, your username your first and last initial and 6 random numbers (these are not the numbers in your student ID number.) An example would be for a student account. If you are a faculty/staff member at SCC your e-mail should be your first initial of your first name and then last name or your full first name followed by a "_" then your last name 

Who can use it?

SCC Faculty/Staff and Students have SCC accounts.

Where can I access the password reset service?

If you are unable to log into any of these services, you should try resetting your password.  In order to reset your SCC account password, please click this link to our password reset process and follow the instructions.  If you are still unable to login, or get an error message, please contact the Service Desk at (636) 922-8555

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