My Recently Visited Services

The Technology Support department has Windows 10 laptops that can be loaned to students and faculty/staff that do not have a computer at home.

SCC provides employees with VPN access upon request.

Request access to dotCMS to edit webpages on the SCC website.

Request assistance with an existing Office 365 shared mailbox.

Housekeeping is responsible for maintaining proper appearance college campus building interiors.

Zoom is SCC's web-conferencing system that has also been integrated into Canvas.

Maintenance is responsible for a variety of maintenance, modification and repair activities.

Request service for issues with Fax Machines on campus.

Request IT resources for new employees.

General facilities support. (Please sign in on the upper right hand corner)

Includes troubleshooting of software applications, software installation and software updates on SCC owned devices.

Shared drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device on campus.

SCC Accounts have an Office 365 license and e-mail license applied to their account.

Request software to be installed/updated on a shared machine or in a computer lab

Network management is the method of administering and managing computer networks. Services include fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining quality of service

Assistance with printing problems in the classrooms and labs.

Request to have your voicemails forward to your e-mail to listen from your computer.

Use this form to request a consultation with the IR Team.

Use this form for new Departmental Crystal Reports or changes to existing reports.

A remote desktop connection allows you to use virtually any computer or device in order to connect to another computer. Once you connect remotely, you get access to all the resources on the computer you’ve connected to. That means you get unrestricted control over the mouse and the keyboard and you can see everything happening on the screen of the computer you’ve connected to.