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Q: Why is MFA needed?
A: MFA prevents unauthorized access to your data and applications by requiring a second method of verifying your identity, making your account much more secure. Additionally, our cyber security insurance requires external access to SCC systems be secured utilizing MFA. 

Q: How often will this need to be done?
A: The above steps only need to be completed once to enable MFA. After that, you will need to authenticate each time you sign on to a PC. One authentication should work across all Microsoft 365 apps. If you sign out of the PC, you may be asked to authenticate again when logging back in.

Q: How long will my account be authenticated?
A: The authentication should last until you log off of the PC.

Q: What if I cannot install an authentication app on my mobile device?
A: You may choose to use phone/text as your authentication method.

Q: Can a shared PC keep multiple users authenticated?
A: Each user should sign out of shared computers (e.g., instructor stations) when finished to avoid issues.

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