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About SCC Logins:

All students will log on to SCC wifi, campus computers and web-based services, such as Canvas, mySCC Portal and Office 365 using their college assigned email address.

This username is composed of the first letter of your first and last names and a six digit number assigned by the college.

For example, Stevie Nicks would have a college assigned email address like: sn123456@my.stchas.edu

Stevie would log into SCC online resources using sn123456@my.stchas.edu and her password.

You can contact the IT Service Desk by calling 636-922-8555 or e-mailing it-servicedesk@stchas.edu if you don't know your college assigned email address.


About SCC Passwords:

Your initial SCC password will be:

First initials of your first and last name

A period “.”

Your four-digit birth year

A period"."

All seven digits of your Student ID (including leading zeroes)

For example, if your name was Stevie Nicks and Student ID was 0426784 and was born in 2000, your initial password would be: sn.2000.0426784

Your SCC password protects your information. In order to protect such information, passwords expire 6 months from the date they are set.

Students should change their default password to a personalized password and set up account recovery options as soon as possible. You can set up recovery options by going to https://aka.ms/ssprsetup


Resetting Passwords:

If you have forgotten or need to change your password follow these steps:

1. Open your web browser and go to https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/

2. From here you will be prompted to enter in your college e-mail (make sure you include your full e-mail with @my.stchas.edu for students and @stchas.edu for faculty/staff)

3. After this, you will need to enter the characters at the bottom to continue, if you are unsure of the letters in the box, you have an option to click the two arrows in a circle on the right to change the letters or numbers provided.

4. If you get a page that says: “You can't reset your own password because you haven't registered for password reset. If you can't sign in, you must contact your administrator to reset your password for you. After you can sign in again, register for self-service password reset, to make sure that you’re able to reset your own password in the future.” You will need to first go to https://aka.ms/ssprsetup to setup your password reset options. You may need to contact the Service Desk at (636) 922-8555 or e-mail them at servicedesk@stchas.edu if you are unable to do so.

5. You will then have the option of “I forgot my password,” choose this if you do not know your password or you are looking to change it. The option of “I know my password, but still can’t sign in,” is to unlock your account if you had too many failed login attempts.

6. After choosing “I forgot my password,” you will have verification methods available that you set up in the registration to change your password. Choose which option works best for you.

7. After changing your password, your new password should be good for 6 months before it expires and you should be able to sign into your mySCC Portal, Canvas and e-mail using this information.

You can contact the IT Service Desk by calling 636-922-8555 or e-mailing it-servicedesk@stchas.edu if you have any issues resetting your password.

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